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Elegant Tuscan Wedding Inspired By Bridgerton

wedding video in Tuscany

Bridgerton and Tuscan weddings have something in common: endless romance and luxurious elegance. For this reason we've decided to mix these elements into a shoot in the Chianti area which truly is one of a kind. We have taken care of every detail for this shoot filmed at Villa Il Leccio in Tuscany. Draping greenery, wisteria hanging down from the pergola and opulent chandeliers are symbols of decadence of the Regency era. For the table, we decided to use white flowers with a hint of pastel blue. And how stunning our Bride is in her white tulle gown?

Thank you so much to the amazing team who involved us in this project! Enjoy our film!

Planning & Design - Eventi Gaia (https:
//www.weddinginitalyeventigaia.com) Photography

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